Sofia, Bulgaria, 2017.

Terms of use

Hi, great that you’re on my travel and photo blog! All the information that I, Jochem Oomen, publish, is just for fun purposes. The use of my blog is at your own risk, because I’m not a professional tour guide, nor a professional photographer. It might be possible that this disclaimer could change, because a blog is a never ending story.

If you would like to use my tips, I highly recommend you to compare it with information on other websites or blogs. And when you’re in doubt, please look for a professional who can give you the right answer (local authorities, for example). Especially in countries like Colombia, the security situation can vary really fast. Personally, I do use the knowledge of local policemen and army professionals.

As other things can change fast as well, I try to do my best to keep my blogs up to date. But it could be possible that prices or other things, aren’t anymore that actual. So, please compare it with other websites or blogs. If you’ll find an error or inaccurate information, please contact me (via about). And I will change the information, okay?

Copyright policy

As a travel and photo lover, I publish on this travel and photo blog my texts and my photos, although some of my portraits are created by other photographers (I mention their credits). This means that the texts and photos are mine.

In case that you would like to use my texts or photos, you have to ask my permission. I do often say yes, because I’m not a difficult person. Sometimes my blogs or photos appear on other websites and the responsible persons do mention my credits.

Hold harmless

All the things that I write, are based on my personal freedom of expression. My opinions are mine and if I publish other ones, I will use the right credits.

When commenting on my writings or photos, I reserve the right to refuse inappropriate comments. Because which persons on earth do enjoy spam messages?

As a Dutchman, and an often French speaking inhabitant of the Brussels-Capital Region, English became my third language. So it could be possible that my writing style in English is more or less Dunglish and maybe influenced by le Franglais. But it can be funny, isn’t it?

And I’m sorry, but some of my blogs are only written in Dutch. It’s because some of my readers are Dutchies and Belgians.

Privacy statement

If you decide to write a comment or to follow me via e-mail or WordPress, I will not use your personal information for other activities.

But, I’m not responsible for what WordPress will do with it, because I’m using a free website. Neither for what Zuckerberg will do with it via the social media widgets (Facebook and Instagram). But if you follow me, maybe I will follow you!

Reserve rights

I, Jochem Oomen, reserve the right to change the non-commercial aim of this blog into a commercial one. But at this moment this blog is a non-commercial one and just for fun.

Advertisers and sponsors

At this moment I don’t use sponsors. The mentioned brand or company names, are just regular information and not a paid cooperation. Now, I don’t need their money, because I earn enough, but I’m not rich, though.

It might be possible that a WordPress orientated add will appear my blog. As a not rich person, I still do need a free platform for to host my tips and tricks.

Contact with the writer and photographer

If you would like to write me an e-mail (via contact form in about), a Facebook or a Instagram message or a comment on my blog, please, go ahead. I love to read messages!

But, first of all, enjoy my blog, enjoy travels and don’t forget to take good pictures!

It’s a pleasure for me that you’re here!


Jochem Oomen