Car Free Sunday in Brussels

Once per year cars are not allowed to drive in Brussels. The streets and boulevards are taken by urban hikers, skaters and cyclists instead of the ever rushing traffic. On this day the polulation of Europe’s capital is in general more friendly and open. And last but not least: the air quality is at its best during the Car Free Sunday. 

IMG_9515 (2)
At Arts-Loi between the city center and the European Quarter (photo: Jochem Oomen).

Together with other photographers I organised a photo walk between the Bourse and Arts-Loi. The Place de la Bourse had been turned into a bike paradise and the Rue de la Loi was turned into a five lane cycle and skater highway.

IMG_9440 (2)
Place de la Bourse (Photo: Jochem Oomen).
IMG_9499 (2)
Arts-Loi (photo: Jochem Oomen).
IMG_9516 (2)
Arts-Loi (photo: Jochem Oomen).
Arts-Loi (photo: Jochem Oomen).
Arts-Loi (photo: Jochem Oomen).

Car Free Sunday is an annual event organized by the Brussels Capital Region during the Mobility Week. More info on the website of the City of Brussels

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